Teja Vishwanadha

Los Angeles



Email: tvishwanadha[at]gmail[dot]com

Work Experience


Senior Staff Engineer, Backend

2021 - Present

Tempo is the only home fitness platform that combines equipment, training guidance and social motivation with 3D sensors and artificial intelligence to track your motion, count your reps, and improve your form.

  • Platform Lead: Directed architectural vision for backend systems, representing the platform in seasonal planning cycles while running weekly meetings with engineers to share knowledge and facilitate incremental change.
  • Technical Lead: Coordinated cross-platform efforts across entire organization ranging from feature work related to subscriptions, onboarding, and fitness journeys to platform-level work enabling experimentation, metrics analysis, and payments.
  • Mentorship & Leadership: Grew a global team of backend and frontend engineers via regular 1:1s, career conversations, and weekly platform meetings to foster collaboration and communal knowledge transfer.

Zebra Inc.

Director of Engineering

2020 - 2021

Zebra provides a flexible electric vehicle subscription as an alternative to traditional car ownership.

  • Architect: Designed API platform to automate manual company workflows across sales, delivery/operations, and customer service and support new iOS and web applications.
  • Management: Mentored engineer at company while managing team of contractors to launch new API platform.
  • Engineering: Contributed features to the platform before and after launch, enabling the company to pivot while growing.

Headspace Inc.

Senior Platform Engineer

2017 - 2020

Headspace is an online healthcare company, specializing in meditation.

  • Search & Recommendations: Launched microservices for serving recommendations and search results to users, along with a pipeline for daily incremental updates.
  • Headspace for Work: Technical lead for team of three that launched Headspace's new B2B platform and associated products.
  • Subscription System: Designed and implemented a new payments and subscription service that runs alongside existing service, allowing for a controlled migration between platforms.
  • Mentor: As first engineer in remote office, mentored and advised incoming platform engineers on their respective projects.
  • Platform Lead: Co-lead API platform team, driving team and company-wide initiatives and running weekly meetings for roadmaps, mentoring, and knowledge sharing.

Apple Inc.

Software Development Engineer

2014 - 2017

Launched Apple Music for iTunes, iOS, and Apple TV.

  • iTunes: Architect and one of three developers working on single-page Ember.js application.
  • iOS: Created framework shared between iOS Music and and multiple Apple TV applications.
  • Apple TV: Wrote portions of the Apple Music application.
  • iOS: Joined the iOS Music team to work on the redesigned Apple Music in iOS 10 and 11.

Beats Music LLC

Senior Engineer

2012 - 2014

Beats Music was a streaming music service that was acquired by Apple.

  • iOS Client Architect: Developed the iOS SDK as well as the client implementation of analytics and playback reporting while collaborating with product team to refine and implement product vision.
  • Core API: Designed and reviewed technical specifications for public facing endpoints. Maintained a Python SDK to work with and test the API.
  • Developer Platform: Designed Core API with third party usage in mind. Ported internal Python SDK to developer platform to release an official Python SDK.

MOG Inc.

Senior Engineer

2011 - 2012

MOG was a streaming music service acquired as a subsidiary of Beats Electronics.

  • Web Player: Single page application written in Javascript using the Backbone framework.
  • TV Apps: Completed existing app for delivery to Samsung then expanded feature set to support Boxee Box.

Hulu LLC

Software Developer

2009 - 2011

Hulu is an online television streaming service.

  • HuluTV: Living room device application written in Javascript and translated to ActionScript. One of three fulltime employees in project. Notable responsibilities: Player (UI and playback), playback reporting, test suite for codebase.
  • HuluDesktop: Desktop application written in ActionScript. Integrated new site player into desktop application. Worked with Beijing player development team to enhance playback and playback reporting for both the site player and desktop application.
  • theConsole: Web application written in Flex3/ActionScript and backed by Python web services that allowed Content and QA teams to enter and modify all metadata for the content collection.


Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Computer Engineering and Computer Science, Bachelor of Science

2005 - 2009


  • Backend Development

    • Python
    • node.js
    • hapi.js
  • Front-End Web Development

    • Javascript
    • HTML5/CSS3